11 Tips for stress-free drive team selection

Choosing a drive team can be a stressful task for an FRC team leader.  Having to fill the limited positions on the drive team can be quite contentious, especially if students and parents have wrong expectations about how these spots are filled.  We're here to help with these tips for a worry-free drive team selection process!

1. Have the entire team rotate through the role of driver, assigning each student their own match.

Taking turns will maximize the inspiration!

2. Disband the team.

We can try again next year.

3. Design a head-to-head challenge that requires potential drivers to face off, Battle Royale style, until only one remains.

This gives students a real chance to show off their creativity and perseverance.

4. Same as above, but in a video game instead of in real life.

There will be less forms to fill out this way.

5. Build a fully autonomous robot so nobody will have to drive.

Top tip: If you field a robot that acts in accordance with pre-programmed instructions to sit completely motionless on the field, you (in fact) have a fully autonomous robot.

6. Register as many additional FRC teams as it takes to give everyone a shot at driving.

Remember, no team that wants to participate should have to bow out due to lack of resources.

7. "Accidentally" send the van with most of your would-be drivers to the wrong event.

Problem solved.

8. Record all your students's joystick inputs during at-home testing, average them all together, and play the average back to the robot during each match.

Get ready to hear a real symphony out there.

9. Stack a pair of students together within an oversized trenchcoat so they'll both get to be the driver.

This will work just fine.

10. Require potential drivers complete their STIMS registration and and turn in their consent & release forms signed by a parent.

The FIRSTinspires.org Dashboard is a well-designed stumbling block, preventing all but the most connected and persistent students from being eligible to participate.

11. Wait it out for as long as possible, and choose the drive team just before your first qualification match.

Don't worry, your alliance partners will be there to catch you.


  1. No joke, #11 was literally what happened my sr year...


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