5 Best team-ups of all time

Which alliance is best alliance? MentorBuilt has got you covered. We took all the alliances that ever existed and scientifically distilled them down to the top 5.
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We're going to name duos and trios more iconic than these clowns

5. 148 & 254 (2018)

This duo, dubbed Black and Blue, don't just get their name from their designer powder coats - they mercilessly beat any alliance the round robin put in front of them (not to mention the wake of robot corpses they left in their division playoffs).

Super accurate photo of robots def not photoshopped

We all know that 254 builds elegant machines every year that you make you cry but in 2018 they really upped the bar by effectively winning matches in auton. Their 4 cube auto was nigh impossible to recover from and then they kept their lead in teleop.

They paired up with FRC's darkest timeline, 148. Coming off of their 2017 #allsilvereverything season - 148 was actually NOT fine and were seriously gunning for the big W on the world's stage. We all read JVN's blog. We know.

This is only number 5 because we don't know if this pairup will endure the test of time - maybe they're just exciting because they're the most recent [half] world champs. Or maybe we're still remembering #spintowin

4. Your team's alliance at that one event last year in elims (2017)

You thought I was going to forget about your team? That alliance was LE-GEN-DAIRY.

You were FOR-SURE going to the top, but then your robot broke and their robot broke and the other alliance got lucky in autonomous.

I totally get it. I wasn't sure if this was #4 or an honorable mention, but hey - you may have gotten out in quarters but if you didn't have such bad luck you know you would have been playing in the finals. That is definitely top 5 material.

3. 1114 & 2056

There is no year attached to this duo - it wouldn't make sense. Some alliances last an event, some maybe meet up every now and then, but other times...

Lets look at that again...


 The next closest winning team-up has one third the wins... Without doing any statistical analysis, I'm going to say that statistically speaking, when 1114 and 2056 pair up - they're going to win. Statistically, they are one of the best team-ups of all time.


I want to also give a shout out to the best variation on 1114&2056: The Eh Team. This alliance was the 2012 golden (maple?) alliance in the Archimedes Division. We know that 1114 and 2056 are beasts but then they get 4334 - Alberta Tech - who proved to be a feisty feeder-defender.

The division finals were against HOT (67) and Wave (2826) who were a very formidable alliance (moment of love for HOT's "touch the ball and its mine" intake). The finals went to three matches - the third match was so tense. Before the match started, the stands were yelling "CA-NA-DA" and "U-S-A".

The entire match was neck-and-neck. It was anyone's game. Suddenly near the end game, 1114 dies and the red alliance is going for a triple balance. Words can do no justice to describe what happens next - you'll have to watch the video, but for the sake of closure - The Eh Team is going to Einstein!

We're not going to talk about Einstein though. Why? For... reasons.

2. “The HAT” alliance w/ 254, 2056, & 4525

Remember when Paul Copioli shouted "Hat Hat Hat" into a microphone?  Who could forget it?  Team 4525, aptly dubbed "The HAT" for it's 2014 robot's uncanny ability to inbound the game piece via holding it over it's "head" and then moving it to the floor to pass it on to partners.

Some elimination alliances are given nicknames or even ship names.  What would you call a team-up of 67, 254, and 2122?  Cheesy HOT Potatoes?  It's funny, but isn't it rather...pedestrian?  The HAT is so iconic, so memorable, so meme-able that we can't even tell you what their actual team name is without looking it up.  We just can't.

1. 148, 217, & 1114 (2008)

Anyone who is even aware that 2008 happened remembers this alliance. There are few years where we honestly remember all three robots that took home the gold.

148 fielded an unexpected robot. A lap runner? With swerve*? And what the heck is a nonagon? 148 doesn't care about your opinions - they care about being world champs.

*Okay, so, technically it was a crab drive... (no seafood in my robots please)

217 didn't look like much at first glance either. I mean, if you didn't know their number you would have thought they were a BEST team that bit off more than they could chew. But those PVC arms where intentionally floopy. Engineered that way. This was in the golden years of Thunder Chickens and one has to remember that behind those floopy arms was a Paul Copioli.

1114's 2008 is literally everyone’s favorite robot and for good reason. It bust out the gate at its first event - a week one regional- and was like, “What did you guys do all build season?”

Just look at this bad boy:

When the FRC Gods released the division assignments, everyone saw it coming. The Big 3 IFI teams in the same division? Is that even legal? Simbotics was unstoppable, Thunder Chickens were clucking away to victory and somehow, somehow, 148 got passed over by every other alliance.


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