5 Hidden uses for Kit of Parts items you have to see to believe

Every year we get a couple totes filled with random junk, some of these items have uses you never would have guessed.

1. Natural Rubber Latex Tubing

2. RedLine Motor

Is your blender just not cutting it anymore. In just a few minutes with a soldering iron you can be making your whole team smoothies and milk shakes.

3. Game Controllers

FIRST HQ knows how bored some of your freshman get after they finish sorting bolts. So they found several donors of video game controllers so you can entertain them while you get back to CAD.

4. Compressor

Ever wish Xzibit would pimp your ride. Don't just dream, learn to do it yourself. The kit compressor and pneumatics system is great for upgrading your whip.

5. Energy Chain

Some years you have to build an elevator and energy chain is great. Every other season it has a critical use. Keep some near you while you are working on the robot and when one of your more annoying teammates bothers you, grab it, and show them that it sort of looks like a snake. They will be playing with it for hours.