6 Alternatives to yelling "ROBOT!!!"

There is nothing worse than pushing your robot through pits, imagining you're driving down the Autobahn, whem some slow schmuck is pit scouting in front of you. You suck in a gulp of air and bellow "ROOBOOOTTTTTTT". The next thing you know the Safety Inspectors are pulling your robot cart off the student and police charges are being filed. Yelling robot just isn't as effective these days. Here are some MentorBuilt approved alternatives:

1. Pull out that inner Hulk Hogan and drop a clothesline on them. They can't get in your way if they can't get up off the floor.

2. Yell "FIRE" instead, nothing clears a building like convincing people their life is in danger.

3. Use a fire hose. Not only will they get out of the way, but you'll boost those sweet sweet Safety Award numbers by already being prepared for an actual fire.

4. Turn your robot cart into a harvester, they'll only get in the way once.

5. Attend a North Carolina event. Nobody else attends, so there won't be people in the pits to get in your way!

6. Play the THX sound, unfortunately this only works once since they'll never hear anything ever again. 

(This gif is silent, but you know you can hear it.)