6 Times FIRST President Don Bossi was mistaken for Mike Pence

Have you ever noticed the striking resemblance between FIRST President Don Bossi and Vice President Mike Pence?  We're unsure how this man managed to live both in Indiana and New Hampshire simultaneously without raising suspicion.  Is he the leader of our favorite "non-profit" or the head of the Senate?  Which one is the clone?  We'll let you decide.

1.  Bossi's most recent speaking appearance at the North Championship event:

2.  Bossi watching the Minute Maid Park fiasco:

3.  Don's response to accusations of drive team doping from a powerhouse team:

4. When asked if Dean would ever let Will.I.Am speak at another FIRST event:

5.  Don's reaction when 254 won another championship:

6.  Bossi reviewing feedback on the recent Chairman's Award changes:


  1. When Don Bossi had the Goats in his commercial.



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