6 Winning Chairman's Award essays that are literally just a picture of a chair, man

As we know, the Chairman's Award is the "most prestigious" award that FIRST bestows upon teams that best serve as models for other teams to emulate and best embody "the purpose and goals of FIRST."  Each season, hundreds of FRC teams submit essays listing their accomplishments and describing the measurable impacts they've made in their communities.  In this article, we list the top 6 winning Chairman's Award essays that will make you say, "That's literally just a picture of a chair, man."

1. This essay from a 2018 Championship Chairman's Award winner emphasizes extensive STEM outreach in a low-income community.  It really makes you say, "This is just a picture of a chair, man."

2. Good Chairman's essays are memorable and fun to read.  This winning essay has us thinking, "Wait, is this just another chair, man?"

3. This team's submission is unique in that it tells an emotional story of one student's experience in a way that will make you say, "Dude-- no, this is literally an image of a reclining chair, man."

4. You can see from this winning essay that it takes a sustained effort to win FRC's top honor.  We can hear you saying: "This is a picture of Clint Eastwood yelling at a chair, man."

5. This Chairman's Award submission won at the District Championship level in 2017.  Full of action words, this essay inspires us to say, "Yep, here's another chair, man.  I don't know what else I expected at this point."

6. This winning Chairman's Award essay was so close to the character limit that the team had to delete all the oxford commas and employ ampersands in place of "and."  Despite the trimmed-down language, the essay stands as a prime example of what it takes to make readers say, "This is a famous picture of former Indiana coach Bobby Knight throwing a chair, man."