7 reasons the LRI role is a must for authoritative Type As!

This if the first listicle in our eleventeen part listicle series of listicles about LRIs. You'll just have stay tuned for all the others we have planned!

1) You can make students create a CAW - make sure you call it a BOM though!

Have a brand new rookie team with only a single teacher going into panic mode? Escalate tensions quickly by forcing the students to fill out the CAW on napkins. It'll make them think twice before rolling their eyes at your long winded explanation of the difference between a CAW and a BOM!

2) You can declare anything to be a pneumatic device as long as it moves air!

The definition is so vague, you can make it up as you go and no one can possibly question it because air is moving about all nimbly-pimbly! And remember, if a team's mentor gets in your face about it, they are just moving air too!

3) Make them put electrical tape over all their connectors and any screws!

Those connectors might be insulated and those screws might not be anywhere near anything metal but you don't care, those shiny silvery bits make you nervous and you know it's one student away from drill shavings shorting out something!

4) Take an extra long time double checking part numbers for required pneumatic valves!

Really take your time here because a bad valve would mean the pneumatics are going to possibly explode and kill someone and that's not happening on your watch!

5) Make a team watch their robot inside the bag because their mentor forgot their lockup form!

"No lock up form?!?!  No robot!" is your battle cry. That poor mentor left it at home in a pile of paperwork they were keeping because it's important and didn't want it to get lost but you don't care!  Make them sit and stare at their robot in the bag for a while, that'll teach 'em!

6) You can fail any team because of arbitrary enforcement of bumper rules!

Besides, even if you get the rule wrong and they question you, you can just point to whatever answer is in the Q&A and say you didn't understand it.  The people answering the Q&A don't understand it either!

7) You get a free trip to New Hampshire!

Think of all the awesome LRI initiation rituals you're missing out on by not being there!  Like paddling off the other LRIs in a cave somewhere every time a team passes inspection without an LRI being called over.