8 Pit scouting questions you can ask without looking at a single robot!

Whether you're a graduating senior who just got involved this year or a freshman girl who's mentor sent them out of the pits to go ask questions while all the boys play with tools, robots, and constructing your team's PVC pit structure in a confined space... you need pit scouting questions to ask because ain't no body got time for using observational powers when it comes to robots!

1) How many wheels does your robot have?

Whether it's 3, 4, 6, or 9 - a robot's gotta have wheels so ask the busiest person you can find without looking yourself! It's sure to make friends and impress people!

2) How fast is your robot?

How can you plan for alliance selections if you don't know how fast their robot is?  Make sure you distill this one down into three categories - slow, medium, and fast!  Unless they have Elon Musk as a mentor and then you need to add ludicrous speed to the list!

3) What's the name of your robot?

Sure they might not have named it after a Transformer but Mr Pooky didn't get his name without some serious thought so ask about it because you can't be caught out inviting a team to be on your alliance without knowing their robot's name!

4) What's your strategy?

Never you mind that the match players change frequently or that your data isn't going to be used by anyone in the stands when it comes time to pick alliance partners!  All that matters right now is you get that strategy written down! Bonus points for distilling this into a short list of only 3 possible scoring methods while leaving out everything else!
5) Can you go under the low bar?

The game might not even have a low bar but don't let that stop you from asking an outdated question! Your future alliance partners will think it's funny!

6) What percentage of your robot was built by students?

Your robot wasn't built by mentors so why shouldn't you know how another team does it so you can make them feel like they did something wrong and judge them behind their back?

7) What's the center drop distance on your drive train?

Let's face it, you don't know why you're asking this but a senior on the team said it was important and you should ask it so do etttttt!

8) How many wins u got?

Let's face it, this is the only question that really matters and you're much too busy to look it up on The Blue Alliance!