Does Snapchat violate YPP?

Snapchat. Chances are, if you're under 25, it’s one of your most used apps. The photo-messaging service has taken over thousands of millenial lives. Living in the Top 5 free apps on the App Store for as long as I can remember, the social media platform is more popular than the Facebook, Messenger, Twitter, and Netflix apps, but is it dangerous? 

In a recent string of Chief Delphi posts (since deleted), CD moderation got involved over a user’s “creepy” advertisement of his username for Snapchat. Now, advertisement of Social Media on our beloved forum is not out of the norm. Many well-respected users have social media information linked in their signatures, and there is even still a place in user profiles to link an AIM screen name (RIP). One could even argue that Chief Delphi is a social media platform in and of itself! In the 21st century world that we live in, Social Media is everywhere. 

Snapchat is branded on privacy. The photos sent on the service “disappear” from the recipient’s screen in 10 seconds or less, never to be seen again. The app has strict privacy settings, allowing the user to lock down his/her account from strangers being able to contact them, even if said stranger knows the user’s username. Communication on the app can be set to only happen if it is mutually desired.  Sounds pretty safe to me!

Some began to claim that this advertisement of Social Media was potentially a violation of YPP, that students could get a hold of the Mentor that posted his Snapchat username via the app. This would definitely be inappropriate. However, as we discussed earlier, It is not quite that easy to communicate with someone via the app simply by obtaining the username. In fact, depending on user’s Privacy Settings, it can be impossible!

In an exclusive interview with MentorBuilt, the Mentor who posted his username (he chose to remain anonymous) had this to say:

“My Snapchat information is 100% private. There is no way anyone can contact me via the app unless I have accepted a ‘friend request’.”

So, readers of MentorBuilt, I leave this debate up to you to decide...

Does Snapchat Violate YPP?

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