9 Things every FRC girl can relate to - especially #8

Being a girl can be pretty rad - we smell nice, we can do whatever we want with our hair, and we're given way more freedom to express ourselves. Sometimes, though, there are less great things about being a girl. Especially in robotics. 

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1 -"So you’re here to do marketing, right?"

Lol, no. No hate to my girls who want to do marketing but I joined a robotics team so I could learn about robotics.

2- When you’re in the pit alone and pit scouts don’t ask questions until a guy comes back.

Right, because you definitely thought I was too busy to answer your questions…

3- When you’re looking at someone else’s robot and some dude randomly starts explaining how it works to you

Thanks, but I’m good.

4- When the guy who has been creeping on you asks if you’ll pick his team during alliance selection

I’ll have to talk with the scouts. But probably not.

5- Mascots

No, I do NOT want to hug you!

6- When judges only ask you about CA

We are really present in our community but also, let me tell you about how our autonomous works.

7- When someone starts grilling you to see if you "really worked on the robot"

God forbid I don’t know the voltage rating of a BAG motor or the stress tolerance of a linkage. I don’t see you asking Chad those questions when he says he worked on the robot.

8- "You're pretty good... for a girl"

Or just, you know, good.

9 -"You’re such an inspiration!"

Obviously it shouldn’t have to be that way, but thanks! I am!