Is 118 to blame for the rise of 'Can't Hold Us' to a #1 hit in 2013?

The day was February 21, 2013. I remember exactly where I was standing when I saw it for the first time. We all remember the day vividly, when we knew there was no more hope for our seasons. You know what I'm talking about....

The 2013 Robonaut Reveal Video

Whenever the 118 Reveal Video drops, everyone in the FRC world follows the same procedure:

1. Watch the Video
2. Cry
3. Replay the Video
4. Repeat Step 3 at least 20 times

After that 22nd time watching the video, one thing always sticks out in everyone's mind. Its not this year's drivetrain of choice. Its not their wild linkage mechanism that will inevitably be taken off, or even the knee-buckling beauty of the white paint, it's...


In 2013, the Robonauts of League City, TX really outdid themselves with their song of choice, too. Their reveal song, "Can't Hold Us" by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis was a real banger. I IMMEDIATELY downloaded the song from iTunes, and it quickly became my #1 most played song. I know for a fact that I'm not the only one who did this on that bleak February 21st night. 

What happened next was nearly impossible to predict. The same song started playing on the radio, in commercials, in movies, and after the Seahawks scored a touchdown at home. By June of 2013, "Can't Hold Us" was #1 on the Billboard Top 40 charts. NUMBER ONE. 

Now, I cannot say this for certain, BUT I think even a toddler can make the connection here. Just WEEKS after 118's Reveal Video hit the net, their song of choice went viral and ended up the MOST POPULAR SONG IN AMERICA. Now sitting at over 170K+ views on YouTube, this Reveal Video remains an all-timer in FRC History, and its equally because of the song as it is the robot. 

I think I just need to come out and say it...

118 made "Can't Hold Us" the #1 song in America