Is FIRST broke? MentorBuilt investigates

So I was wasting my time online and found out about a lovely Gala FIRST is hosting to attract donations, and I figured, being the generous alumni I was, I could toss them a few bucks using the link they conveniently left around.

Oh wow, $25k, $10k?  That's a lot of money!  They must be fundraising for teams, given that our registration is so much, how nice of them!  Unfortunately, our wallet looks like this:

Well, maybe we got the NASA grant!  We should check our Team Dashboard!  Wait, they're asking for money here too!? 

Maybe FIRST is broke and really needs help!  Jeez, how badly are they doing...  Maybe I should ask the IRS...

Jeez, all they have is a paltry $71m income yearly....  Go and donate to FIRST folks!