Mentor experience: explained

Here at MentorBuilt, people ask, "How can I best communicate with my mentors? What are mentors? Why do they build things?" We know that not all mentors are the same, so ask your mentors how long they have been mentoring FRC and then use this handy guide to understand them.

1 yr - Has no idea what they got into and will go along with whatever you say.

Likes: Sandstorm, Buttons, Pizza
Dislikes: Meeting every day

2-3yrs - Decided after Year 1 to stick with it. Most likely an alumni mentor. Either way, they don't really know how to mentor yet. They still fall for the "do everything" trap during robot design. Don't get infected by their boundless optimism.

Likes: Prototyping, Big Ideas
Dislikes: Teaching, Programming

4 yrs - Nobody trusts them. They're either a college kid about to graduate or a Parent-Mentor who no one wants to ask, "Will you still mentor once your kid graduates?" Proceed with caution.

Likes: Free food, Seniority
Dislikes: Discussing "next year", Pizza

5-9yrs - Pretty stable. Reads CD, even posted a few times. They know a thing or two but are susceptible to pesky "real life" (marriage, jobs, babies, etc) trying to pull them away... Use methods of guilt and compliments to keep them around.

Likes: A good CD argument, well designed bumpers
Dislikes: People who say "Water Game"

10-14yrs - They remember when bumpers weren't required and we marked alliances by flags. They think 233 and 111 are top notch teams. Will likely tell you that Atlanta was best champs. Politely nod until they're done.

Likes: Hard Rock Reveal Videos, IRI
Dislikes: George R. Brown Convention Center, Minute Maid Park

15+ yrs - They remember when triple play introduced 3 team alliances. They remember the out-lash over alliances in the first place. They still have PTSD from Houston (the original Houston) Ramps & tell you how great it was to be at Disney. They aren't quite sure why no one talks about 71 anymore. They still think 1000 is a high number. They are either a wealth of knowledge or think sheet metal is cheating.

Likes: Hard candy, Chief Delphi back in the day, "Nationals"
Dislikes: Districts, Chairman's Video Requirements, Me-mes