MentorBuilt News: Local university’s Ri3D team plans for ‘truly impactful’ contributions!

Innsmouth, MA - Local students from Miskatonic University are in the process of planning their contribution to the gargantuan effort that is Robot in 3 Days (Ri3D). We reached out to this group for comment about their new team and were surprised when we heard back from them after a couple weeks had gone by and we had finally been forced to call one of their mothers for comment, "Sorry, it was in the middle of midterms and I didn't have time to respond to the 3 emails you sent." was the opening salvo from new freshman, Joshua Triztu.

"Yeah, I just started this group because our university doesn't have any real engineering clubs", Joshua further elaborated.  When asked what he meant, Joshua went on to describe the local college's aerial robotics team as working with CAD software, advanced flight algorithms, and sitting around doing design reviews and risk analysis instead of "hammering bearings into holes, you know, the fun stuff."  Fun stuff indeed, Joshua.

Joshua also commented about his larger goals with creating an Ri3D team, "I want to create something to give back to my community and help out all the rookie teams out there that are struggling with how to hammer bearings into their kitbot and you know, build a basic defensive robot that'll get them picked during alliance selections and be truly impactful."

When asked about how his Ri3D group was unique, he deferred the question to his high school girlfriend [Editors Note: They are now seeing other people but stay close] and former FRC team co-captain, Mary Flannery. After some further calls and emails, we were able to reach Mary who said "He's still planning that? Well, yeah, of course, the two of us loved our robotics club in high school and since I was the marketing captain, I guess it makes sense that I should answer that. Yeah, we're aiming to be the best Ri3D robot design for less than $1000, sorta like that Everybot thing that one space team helps create those awesome documents for."

We also reached out to other students Joshua has involved in this new Ri3D effort. When asked what she liked most about the prospect of contributing to this Ri3D group, sophomore electrical engineering student Jane Bonavita said “It’s just great to be able to work on a robot again, without the stress of working with lots of students” and senior Joe Barre agreed; “it’s crazy how much we can get done in just 3 days when we cut the red tape of teaching the students and moving at their pace... it's crazy how fast we can get things done when we don't have to worry about pesky things like actually following the rules."

When asked what the team would do with the robot once it was completed, all agreed they would probably keep it in the dorm basement until after final exams in May, and then try to bring it to a local offseason event to compete. “Yeah, I’m not sure they’ll let us actually drive it, but we’re gonna try. It’s not an official event so they should be cool about it, we just need to find the money to register”, said Joe.

We also asked Joshua why he wasn't volunteering with a local team or volunteering with his local FIRST organization. "Ohh, I tried reaching out to the local teams but I couldn't find them on the FIRST website, you know, it's such a mess, and then when I finally did find them, I found that I didn't know anyone and their mentors seemed like old ones and really hands on in the design process and I didn't want to lend my skills to that, it would drive me mad. Plus they use this ancient language, not something more modern like Python." He further added that "I don't want to be the safety glasses attendant at the events and I'm not old enough for any of the great key volunteer roles anymore because FIRST changed the rules so I haven't even bothered to reach out to the local organization, I guess maybe I should do that too."

Joshua's mother wanted us to remind Joshua that he should be "...concentrating on his studies these days and put this silly robot business behind him and then maybe he'll get back together with that Mary girl, she was really nice". As is often the case, mothers have some truly impactful wisdom to share, something maybe Joshua's new Ri3D team will be able to provide as well.

- MB News