Only FIRST kids will get this

Participation in FIRST makes students eligible for over $80 million in available scholarships from about 200 different providers.  That's right-- only FIRST kids will know what we're talking about!

Only the individuals who have participated in the progression of FIRST programs as a high school student are able to submit applications to scholarship opportunities such as:
Only FIRST kids will know to check out the website where a searchable list of scholarship opportunities is posted.  This list is updated between September and April each year, and new opportunities are added frequently.  Most deadlines fall between December and April, so FIRST students should pay close attention to these critical dates.

Only former FIRST students will know that not all scholarships are limited to current high school seniors: some are open to juniors and younger, and many others are open to students already pursuing a college degree.  Some don't have any of these restrictions at all!

Only students who participated in FIRST in high school will be able to take advantage of these special opportunities, so apply, apply, apply!