The lost history of FTC!

While most of the FIRST world probably doesn't care about the FIRST Tech Challenge (I mean, did you see their field at Minute-Maid Park?  So tiny!)

That being said, let's draw some attention to the original program name as FIRST put it in their annual report, buried deep within the bowels of their website.

They said the dreaded "V" word!  If you say that around a judge, you can definitely count on not getting an award.  But there's no way that this is the same "V" as the one that shall not be named, right?

Using the advanced research tool named after a famous math concept, we located THIS photo of a key FIRST volunteer AND a former "V" word regional director together!

Now, they seem to be wearing judge shirts that share that initialism, but that can't be right!  FVC! What is this Twilight Zone shenanigans?
Turns out, "V" and FTC used to be the same program.  Same field, same control system.  When the two parents got divorced, the program sorta took it rough.  The divorce was so nasty, a game was named to describe one parent's response.


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