Top 10 Chinese team names

Given the cancellation of the 3 Chinese regionals, we thought it'd be only fair to bring attention to some awesome team names that'll make you do a double-take if you heard them at your local event.

Editor's Note: We made an error with Team #3, The G.O.A.T. did in fact win the 2018 Shanghai Regional.  Our apologies to this cool-named team.

10: 7641 - Normal Force

We get it, you're high school students.  Physics isn't that fun that you should name your team after it.

9: 6801 - Robot crabshell

I mean, who doesn't love some seafood.

8: 7001 - Buning Power

I mean, if you touch a battery there'll definitely be burning.  Just don't show team spirit and replicate it please.

7: 6351 - Jiayi Superhuman Strength

 I can't help think of some typical anime characters, be sure your robot doesn't get taken out with one punch.  In fact, go beyond, plus ultra.


While the caps are cool, names should definitely be yelled, I can't help but think of some classic movies.

5: 7741 - South Taiwain AI Robot

I can't help but think there was some mis-translation in here somewhere, but it works.

4: 5309 - Robbery

No events signed up for, so you'll never hear about this absolute steal for your Fantasy FIRST team.  Sorry kids.  Maybe they're calling HQ for registration practices?  Who knows!

3: 6907 - The G.O.A.T.

This new team won their first event ever and their name proclaims them to be pretty damn awesome.  The greatest of all time, that is.  Little hard though against some other folks who have a few more blue banners than you.  How many wins ya got, anyways? 

2: 6365 - Imperial star destroyer

I mean, 2019 is space themed.  How could we forget the coolest space themed anything ever?  (Okay, maybe not for real.  But imagine a universe where Star Wars was the coolest thing ever?)  Still, if your team is the crew of an Imperial Star Destroyer, shoot us a message about how it got onto your CAW legally.  Asking for a friend.

1: 7522 - Build1Robot

Enough said.

Honorable Mentions:  7604 (Sickle and Hammer) and 7586 (The Salted Fishballs).