Top 5 reasons why Elon Musk would be the best FRC team mentor ever

The FIRST Robotics Competition has produced a handful of talented, young engineers over the last 25 years, and many have returned to the program as mentors; the undeniable lifeblood of FRC.  From IFI legends like Paul, JVN, and Karthik, to iconic cheesy duos like Tom & Jerry, mentors truly are the central focus of our program.

It's no coincidence that some of the most successful mentors in FIRST history are building their robots in and around the Silicon Valley in California, the same area where companies like Apple, Google, Facebook, and others are headquartered.  At the same time, the FIRST Robotics Competition has historically been notably devoid of the support of one titan of technology in particular, Elon Musk.  With that in mind, let's explore the Top Five Reasons Why Elon Musk Would Be The Best FRC Team Mentor Ever.

  • He Knows A Thing Or Two About Using Batteries

    • Elon's company Tesla produces all-electric cars fueled by large arrays of lithium-ion batteries, produced at Tesla's Gigafactory in the desert of Nevada.  It's safe to say he could figure out how to wire up a few FRC-legal batteries for his team's robot.  He could probably even save some money by skipping the AndyMark order and making them himself.
        Elon Musk inspects the Gigafactory during construction

    He Definitely Understands The Concept of Minibots

    • Musk's other company, SpaceX made headlines recently when it's newest Falcon Heavy rocket was test-launched with a dummy payload that consisted of an actual car (made by that first company, Tesla) that was sent hurling into space (with it's top down!!!).  Talk about an insane hot-take on the 2011 FRC game LogoMotion's endgame; the mini-bot race.  Check-mate Elon, GG FIRST Game Design Committee.  
    The Tesla Roadster being prepared for launch on the Falcon Heavy Rocket

    He's Already Prototyped His Robot For Next Year's Water Game

    • Elon isn't afraid to get his hands wet when it comes to robotic contraptions.  Many will remember when Musk made headlines across the globe earlier this year for his pioneering prototype build of a life-saving, underwater cave rescue capsule that was conceived, built, and delivered to a remote cave in Thailand in under one week's time.  Talk about a guy that can work under tight deadlines!  Six weeks are nothing for Elon.
    Image result for elon thailand capsule

    He Is Totally Ready for FIRST: Destination Deep Space Presented By Boeing

    • Being the CEO of a massive space-exploration company has it's benefits, and in this case, there's nobody better equipped to build a robot for the 2019 FRC Game than Elon Musk.  Sorry, NASA house teams (looking at you, 118, 233, and 254) but Elon has this one in the bag already.  Just remember, thanks to Musk's efforts with SpaceX, the US can now send crews to the International Space Station for only $60 million, a far cry from the $1 billion it would cost NASA to do the same.  Try not to blow your budget this year, NASA teams!
    Image result for musk spacex
    Musk speaks at a press event about his company SpaceX

    He Is No Stranger To Magic Smoke

    • It should come as no surprised by now; Elon Musk is a man whose intelligence knows no bounds.  Through all of his projects he has experienced just about every setback, obstacle, and failure possible.  He knows the struggles of building an advanced, complicated, and expensive piece of technology only to have it go up in smoke.  Have you ever experienced the disaster caused by a burned-up motor?  Elon sure has, and he knows how to react.  
    Image result for elon weed
    Elon inspecting what appears to be a Vex 775 PRO DC Motor that has caught fire