6 Things to keep in mind when picking a college

Picking a college is hard - do you look at their on campus gym or the quality of their food? How many squirrels are on campus? Do college rankings matter? We looked at all the aspects that go into picking a college and narrowed it down to 6 major things a high schooler should look at when picking their post-secondary education.

1) Do they have the major you're studying?

Whether it's bumper design, organic engineering, or quantum journalism - you should make sure that the school offers the major you want. No need to go to MIT if they don't have the alien communications degree program that you're looking for.

2) Dollar Dollar Bill, Y'all

What is the value of an education? College is an investment in your future but its still nice to save some money and reduce your final bill. Look into what the school provides now and in the future in terms of scholarships and financial aid. While you need to make the choice that is best for your situation - I don't recommend going to a private 50k-a-year school if you're pursuing a degree in non-profit wedding crashing.

3) Do they offer other majors?

Many students realize they don't actually like the major they first picked - this is completely normal! If you're not completely sure what you want to major in (which is 100% okay), make sure your school has multiple options that are interesting to you. For example: even if you are super confident that you want a degree in Snark, you might take a Sass class for fun and realize you want to switch.

4) Do you need/want to go to a 4 year university?

If machining is your lifeblood or welding is your dream job - consider going to a technical college where you can learn the trades. Highly skilled trades workers are in demand and make good money and pay way less for education. The robot revolution has a long way to go before they are successful tool and die makers.

5) Do they have student clubs?

Do they have interesting student clubs? Clubs are a great way to learn and grow as a student and a person - especially if you want to hone skills that aren't being taught in your classes. Some clubs are professional - Society of Women Engineers, American Society of Mechanical Engineers- while others are competitions - NASA Lunar Mining Competition, Solar Car. There are clubs for sports, dancing, art and some are just straight up goofy - like Rubik's cube club.

6) Do they have an FRC team nearby?

Find a school where the nearest FRC team is at least 20 miles away.


  1. so i'm hearing we should pick WPI?

    1. WPI does have the best squirrels....


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