8 Lyrics from Mountain Goats songs that perfectly describe your FRC season

The Mountain Goats are an indie folk-rock band located in the FIRST North Carolina District.  Founded in Southern California the year before 1992's inaugural FIRST Robotics Competition in Southern New Hampshire, the band is known for a low-fi sound and vivid lyrics, many of which happen to precisely describe your FRC season.

1. When kickoff happens and this year's game is released.

I guess I'm supposed to figure things out
Or maybe it's supposed to be self-evident

"Family Happiness"
From the 2000 album The Coroner's Gambit

2. When you blink and most of build season is already gone, and you don't have much to show for it.

There is no deadline
There is no schedule
There is no plan
We can fall back on

From the 2002 album of the same name

3. When the robot is bagged and the only thing you can do is plan the repairs and improvements you'll make to it at your Regional.

A weekend in Utah won't fix what's wrong with us

"The Mess Inside"
From the 2002 album All Hail West Texas

4. On the morning of competition.

Got out of bed, could not remember my own name
Condemned to walk the soil amongst all creatures wild and tame
Go where I go, do what I must
Crawl, starving, on my belly, licking up the dry dust

"How to Embrace a Swamp Creature"
From the 2008 album Heretic Pride

5. When kids are running in the pits.

There were teenagers in mini-trucks coming around every corner
You can taste the adrenaline, coming out through their skin

"New Star Song"
From the 1994 album Beautiful Rat Sunset

6. When the Safety Advisors are still hanging around your pit when there's work to be done.

Under each eye, little greasepaint smudge
You can't judge us, you're not the judge

"Lakeside View Apartments Suite"
From the 2012 album Transcendental Youth

7. When your robot loses communication while parked in the other alliance's protected scoring area.

But I am just a broken machine
And I do things that I don't really mean

"Cry for Judas"
From Transcendental Youth

8. When you graduate and move on to new challenges, leaving the team stronger than you found it.

It's gonna take you people years to recover from all of the damage

"Up The Wolves"
From the 2005 album The Sunset Tree