MentorBuilt News: Plastic to paper

Following up on a story broken by the MentorBuilt team earlier this month, we have confirmed speculation that the FIRST Robotics Competition will be switching from clear plastic to brown paper bags for the 2019 season. Teams are currently required to "bag" their robots after build season to ensure "fair" access between competitions.

Spurred by complaints that teams could "see robots crying" while bagged, FRC staff will announce later tonight their intentions to conceal robot emotions from the high school students who dedicate "just six weeks" to their creation.

After being told the news, local student Carla Pine said, "I guess this is an improvement? At least the paper bags are breathable. We won't have to watch our robot suffer until the competition."

Another student chimed in, "The paper bags are just the right size for the panic attacks our FRC-Traditionalist mentors were having at the prospect of build season not ending."

With FIRST indicating that the new bags are made of 100% post-consumer fibers, environmentally conscious FRC participants are rushing to praise a renewed emphasis on recycling that has not been seen since the 2015 season.

Frank Merrick was quoted saying "We have heard the community loud and clear: it's time to chart a new path for the bag and tag system." Adding, "We know the fragile paper will take getting used to, and teams facing harsh weather conditions during transit to events will miss the free rain jacket we gave them for their robots. However, it's important that we keep alive this very fair and inspiring rule, while also reinforcing our commitment to environmentally conscious planning."

Also expected to be announced tonight is a new Kit of Parts sponsor, Swingline.  Swingline will be providing each team with their famous bright red stapler to assist with keeping the new bags closed until they can be inspected at the event.

When contacted about the switch to paper bags, all Chairman's Award winning teams were busy starting new FTC teams and unavailable for comment.

-MB News