Top 5 things that could be the “Significant Change” coming to FRC in 2020

Following Friday's cryptic email announcement of a pending announcement of a "Significant Change" coming to FRC in 2020, rumors and speculation have abounded in the FRC community.

In this article, MentorBuilt ranks our top 5 ideas for what this upcoming change could be.

1. Event registration fees must be crated and shipped via FedEx to a storage/drayage facility at the US Federal Reserve.  Do not ship your crate directly to FIRST.  If a liftgate is required for crate pickup, additional fees may be incurred.

2. We changed the Chairman's Award back to it's 1997 definition!  Once again, the award will be presented to the team which is judged to have created the best partnership between team partners: pre-college school(s), universities, and/or businesses.

3. All mentors must wear white gloves at all times during official FRC events.  Robot Inspectors and Safety Advisors will be checking gloves for dirt.  Mentors caught violating white glove rules will be forced to wear a massive Hamburger Helper costume to remind them of their crimes.

4. 4Champs.

5. Wu Tang Clan full catalog added to official FIRST music playlist.  Dolla dolla bill y'all.