10 things to do while Chief Delphi is upgrading

You may have heard a rumor that MentorBuilt's official fan forum is about to go undergo an extensive upgrade in the grand tradition of FIRST related websites being upgraded right before kickoff and sorting out the bugs in a sympathetic development process to teams building robots.

We're aware that only the best, most well-resourced teams have the manpower to devote to learning this new system and, hopefully, that means that the old white mentors will be pushed over the edge by having to learn something new on the computer.

While our official policy is to only print speculation and conjecture and avoid facts at all costs, we wholeheartedly agree that it is time for our fan forums to be upgraded to something a bit more modern and secure than vBulletin 1.0.

We reached out to the site administrator, Brandy McFartus, for a comment about the upgrade: "Yeah, it's like, really hard to upgrade all the dots and get the spotlight posts in Discord".

While you're waiting on the upgrade to complete so you can get back to screaming at other old white dudes about MentorBuilt being fake news, let's review the options for other things you can waste your time on:
  1. Check out the desolate apocalyptic wasteland that is the official FIRST forums and alert the survivors that they can seek shelter elsewhere.
  2. Start your own forum for old white guys and high school nerds.
  3. Read a book. This one is real. Go read a book before build season devours all your time.
  4. Stockpile awesome gifs to post as soon as business has resumed.
  5. Print out your reputation history and eulogize all your sweet, sweet dot karma.
  6. Start DotCoin, the cryptocurrency based on reputation dots. They aren't making more and just like real cryptocurrencies, no one knows how they work and they're just dots.
  7. Pretend you're a time traveling talking dog and use the WayBack Machine to find all the threads on Chief Delphi that have been locked by moderators.
  8. Publish your designs and code on some other forum where they will also be largely ignored.
  9. Make bets with your fellow teammates on if Chief Delphi will come back before the US government does.
  10. Trash talk other teams through vague ungracious and unprofessional statements on other social mediums like SpaceBook, Discordia, and World of Warcraft.