8 More lyrics from Mountain Goats songs that perfectly describe your FRC season

As we previously explored in one of our worst-performing articles, the indie folk-rock band The Mountain Goats is uncannily gifted at crafting song lyrics that precisely describe the FRC experience.  Let's dig in once again!

 1. When you check out your Collection of Parts (CoP) on kickoff day.  Thanks for the throttle motors, Denso!

Martin calls to say he's sending old electrical equipment
That's good we can always use some more electrical equipment

"Letter from Belgium"
From the 2004 album We Shall All Be Healed

2. When midterm testing week brings your team's fabrication effort to a standstill.

I am gonna make it through this year
If it kills me

"This Year"
From Dilaudid EP - 2005

3. When you need to finish wiring the robot before the bag day deadline.

Fill your mouth with berries
By the full light of the moon
Work all night if you have to
The magpie comes at noon

From the 2005 album The Sunset Tree

4. When you get to the event and your alliance partners don't do anything in auto.

No brakes down
An endless dark incline
Most of the boys
Won't ever cross this line

"Choked Out"
From the 2015 album Beat the Champ

5. When your battery charging station catches fire.

Look at that, would you look at that?
We're throwing off sparks

"Oceanographer's Choice"
From the 2002 album Tallahassee

6. When someone finally decides to pop open the Driver Station Log File Viewer after a particularly weird match.

The warning signs have all been bright and garish
Far too great in number to ignore

"Old College Try"
From Tallahassee

7. When the cheesecake arrives just in time for elims.

And I start laughing like a child
And I mark their faces one by one
Transfiguration's gonna come for me at last
And I will burn hotter than the sun

"Heretic Pride"
From the 2008 album of the same name

8. When the season ends, you join the ranks of FRC alumni, and you go on to do awesome things with your life after high school.

Attach the C-4 where you must
Disappear in a cloud of dust...
We were here once, me and my friends
But we destroyed all of the evidence
And vanished into the night
At least we got that one right

"Steal Smoked Fish"
From the 2012 album Transcendental Youth