MentorBuilt announces: MentorMatches

MentorBuilt brings you this very special announcement:

Are you tired of being shamed for being single by your fellow mentors? Are you struggling to find love while still participating in FIRST? Are you super creeped out by that one divorced parent that seems to think that their children's after school activities are a great place to find love? Or are you just looking for the thrill that comes from destroying a meaningful relationship to play with robots more?

We know that the kickoff holiday can be a lonely time for mentors, and that's why we're proud to announce our new service specifically for FIRSTers: MentorMatches.

With MentorMatches, you'll no longer have to explain the weird quirks of dating a FIRSTer during the 6 week* season:
  • Netflix and Chill replaced with Release Video and Redesign
  • Romantic dinner dates consisting of cold pizza covered in aluminum chips
  • Valentine's Day replaced with "Crap we only have 1 week until Bag Day"
No need to learn to manage your time to make room for a human relationship!  Instead, you can rely on MentorMatches to help.

We are rolling out our exclusive "my partner who lives in Manchester" service: a call center staffed 24x7 which supports text messages, emails, and phone calls from a fictional partner with the communication level of your choice. In the next few months we will also be leveraging DeepFake technology to allow for Skype calls, fictional SnapChat snaps, and even fake vacation photos. No longer will you have to deal with that pesky parent that always tries to hook you up with their divorced friend.

Here at MentorBuilt, we see this new service as a great option for FRC mentors who are still working on refining their pick list, but need to focus on the robot today.


  1. My FRC coaching had about 20% to do with the ending of my marriage. Fortunately my current fiancée and I met through FRC coaching and mentoring, and she coaches her own team. So at least we know what to expect.

  2. Love this! When will it be released?


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