Top 13 most stressful moments at competition

Competitions are stressful. What food do you get at lunch? Where did your team go? Why is the pit empty? How many buttons should you collect? We get it. So, next time you're stressed out about where to sit or which wrench to use, remember this handy list of the most stressful moments at competition and feel better that at least you aren't in that situation.

1. When you realize you left your bumpers at the school.

2. When your dashboard doesn't connect and you're not sure if your auto selector is working.

3. Non-minor frame protrusion(s).

4. The match that determines whether you rank top 8 or middle of the pack.

5. When your robot is last to connect and the DJ starts playing the Cha Cha Slide.

5. The lunch hour between alliance selection and first playoff match when you have to get your strategy together and your third bot functional but their whole team is out eating lunch.

6. When your driver station laptop dies and you can't find the charger.

7. When a team who has no business as an alliance captain goes to make their pick.

8. The first second of auto in any elims match.

9. When you see the second (or third) "Drive team to the pit" Slack message.

10. When you have the first match of the day and one of the teams hasn't showed up to the venue yet.

11. The first time you put the robot on the scale.

12. When your driver station laptop installs a Windows 10 feature update mid-match.

13. When the judges are deep in your pit but also you're on last call for queue and the robot is upside down with half of its guts out.