Top items to deck out your competition-wear for Destination Deep Space!

As the 2019 inches forward, it's clear that your time is best spent doing one thing... buying clothing and trinkets to wear at competition!  MentorBuilt will be launching our own store no later than January 30th, but in the meantime, let's look at some of the coolest ones we can waste our kit refund on.

"Kick Asteroid" Pin - The Planetary Society

This stylish pin captures the impending doom of asteroid impacts with a fun portmanteau that most FIRSTers love! 

Starfleet Academy Patch

Every Sci-Fi nerd may be enraptured in the classic fight of Trek vs Wars, but you don't have to be.  As the exceptional student, you've clearly been well educated.  Starfleet is right for you, and show off your acceptances to this prestigious school along side your other mission patches.

Andromeda Initiative Space Helmet

Be the envy of other landing parties with this stylish, 3d-printed helmet.  Stolen from the set of The Expanse (not really, but could you imagine?)  Not safety rated unfortunately, so you'll need to wear your safety squints underneath.

Galaxy Print Leggings

Be the talk of the town as you walk around looking out of this world in your galaxy leggings.  Strechy, thematic, well timed.  A sure shoe-in for the Imagery award!

Saturn Planet Earrings

Decorate your ear-lobes for the space between them with these stylish wire-frame look planet earring set.  They're pretty stellar.

FIRST Launch The North Face Jacket

Look stylish and on-point with this 2019 FIRST Launch branded North Face jacket!  You know it's gotta be good, as it costs as much as an offseason.

Hex Bearing Necklace


They're spinny, they're cool, they're... oh they're not in stock.