10 Bird Box gifs that summarize Destination Deep Space

The two big crazes of 2019 are Bird Box and Destination Deep Space. The editor of this post hasn't really seen either but assumes that they are exactly alike. The journalists here at MentorBuilt have compiled a set of GIFs that explain the game so that anyone who's seen Bird Box can understand. Unfortunately for me, I still don't get it.

1. Seeing your robot trapped in the bag one last time

2. Drivers during Auton

3. Figuring out who on your alliance will take the hatch role

4. When the Emcee stops in your pit and asks if your robot has a name:

5. Walking in halfway through a strategy discussion:

6 Drive team lunch:

7. Mentors handing students tools for the robot and for life:

8 1678's robots:

9 Line following:

10 HQ trying to make autonomous...