MentorBuilt News: Local male student tries to impress female teammate

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Cudahy, Wisconsin
 - Valentine's Day may still be a month away but local robotics senior, Lee V. Malone, is already looking for a date. Explaining that most girls aren't really what he's into, he sets his sight on his female teammates.

"I'm the head mechanical guy so I thought it wouldn't be too hard," Malone says, "But robotics girls are just like the rest of them: Complicated." Malone says he has tried everything, from teaching them how to use a screwdriver to showing them that his ideas are really, really good. "They just get annoyed with me," he said, "I don't get it - maybe they're just intimidated by how smart I am."

When asked for comment, programming captain Samantha said, "oh Lee? Yeah, he just gets in the way. We were talking about drive trains and he just kept going on about how he could CAD a swerve. We picked a 6 wheel drive." Other female students refused to answer our questions, saying "we have a robot to build."

Its not all bad luck with cupid - John, who works on building field elements has recently started dating Samantha. We asked him how he got her attention. "Oh you know," John says, "I asked her questions about programming and her day, just trying to be nice - the usual stuff."

Usual stuff, indeed, John.

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