MentorBuilt News: Ontario district events reportedly installing designated "jumpkicking walls" for emcees, teams

Toronto, Ontario - After reactionary outcries from teams, volunteers, spectators, parkour special interest groups, and the Nike Air Jordan marketing team; FIRST Canada has begun soliciting bids for special "jumpkicking walls" to be designed, constructed, and installed adjacent to competition fields at all Ontario district events this season.

After FIRST Headquarters in Manchester, NH announced this year's challenge, "Destination: Deep Space presented by the Boeing Company," the organization quickly revealed the concurrent banning of humans intentionally striking the alliance station walls. Such an activity is common during pre-match introductions at events across the world but none more so than the greater Toronto region. 

Longtime students, mentors, staff, and volunteers of FIRST in Canada felt betrayed by the announcement and quickly mobilized to petition for a change to the status quo. 

"It's not right to leave the scuffing and scratching to the robots," said third year drive team member Edwin Stone. "We want to continue banging on the polycarbonate and aluminium plate like our ancestors before us."

Reports of a substitute plan traveled through the grapevine of Chief Delphi late Sunday night, but event coordinator Sharon Glass was mum on the potential change. "We can't comment on rumors and speculation, but we're looking into ways to uphold the tradition of slightly abusing FRC field equipment in the great province of Ontario."

Local law enforcement officers are encouraging action be taken, as they fear plate glass windows in commercial spaces may find themselves shattered in the coming months. The Toronto Transit Commission in particular worried abut the safety of windows in the streetcars and bus stops they serve.

"We're underfunded as it stands," griped commissioner Allen Bradley. "We could not afford for the unbridled enthusiasm on display at area robotics events to be bottled up and brought onto our buses and trains."

We will be monitoring the situation and updating on any potential contractors and their designs to build the jumpkicking walls as the story develops.

-MB News


  1. Couldn't someone just create a VR program that would let Karthik kick to his heart's content?

  2. couldn't we just buy some Takundo kickboard for Karthik? Just post a new volunteer job title as "Kickboard Holder". Might need a couple tho since it's a bit unsafe and volunteers may run out(single-use-volunteer)


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