“Other kids play football....’

Dear Jesse Kelly,

I once attended a High School Football game with my father. It was cold, they didn't sell nachos, and one player may have gotten a concussion.

Did you know that only 7% of those kids would go on to have the chance to play college sports and go pro? You’ve never seen this many soon-to-be depressed fathers that their kids “didn’t make the cut”.

Did you also know that in FIRST programs, 100% of the kids gain skills needed to help them "go pro” in their discipline? They can "go pro" by going to college, starting an apprenticeship, or going to trade-school. Its hard to be a depressed father when your child has gained teamwork skills, technical literacy, and a network of professions who will help them get good jobs.

And to think, other kids play football...


The MentorBuilt Staff