MentorBuilt News: Local team pretty sure Robot Inspector didn't actually read every line of their Bill Of Materials

Pawnee, Indiana

Breaking News: Reports in from an Indiana District Event reveal that the meticulously prepared Bill of Materials presented to the robot inspection team may have been "skimmed over," as one concerned team phrased it.

"There we were, showing the inspector that each drive train motor had its own speed controller, when we were asked for our BOM," freshman team member Lindsay Bluthinski said. "We spent so long counting every speed controller over the two we got from FIRST Choice Round 1, determining the fair market value of the scrap plywood we used on the bumpers, and figuring out every other part we used that was worth $5 or more, and it seemed like the inspector just scanned the cost column before making sure our main breaker was easily accessible."

"Obviously we didn't employ any sort of crazy LIDAR system," said Jeff Carmine, another member of the 4th year team with modest resources, "But it really seemed like they were much more worried about making sure we didn't have a frame short than analyzing every entry on our BOM. It also seemed like they were much more concerned about the BOM of our friends in the pit next to us, but the biggest difference between our teams is that they took the time to powder coat their chassis and structural members, which we just ran out of time to do."

When MentorBuilt reached out to the inspector in question, the only answers we received were, "Who are you people?" and "Can't you see I'm busy trying to get this rookie team who met for the first time four weeks into build season competition ready?"

This story will be updated as we learn more.

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