10 Rookie Team Names We Want To See

Yellow Pikachu Plushmascot

Ah, competition season - the smell of burnt motors and teenagers who think showers are optional is in the air. Strolling through the pits, we see good bots, bad bots, ugly bots, and sad bots - no this isn't a Dr. Suess book. With some robots, you can just look at them and know: its a rookie. If the weird construction materials and questionable use of duck tape don't tip you off, the numbers on their bumpers will.

Its no secret in FIRST that there are approximately 50 variations each of "Robo-Dogs", "Cyber-Cats", and "Tecno-Knights". Its hard to be original in a sea of ~4000 teams so if you're sick of being Cyber-Robo-Mascot-Robotics, try some of these instead:

10) Baby Sharkbots - "We can do do do do anything"  

#10 on our list is Baby Sharkbots - nothing quite like a team named after a pop culture reference that will likely be forgotten in a few months. "But its so cute!" We agree, and that's why it made our list.

9) KoalaBots - "We may be useless but at least we're cute!"  
Its easy to theme this team and your  alliance acceptance speech is required to include an Aussie accent. If KoalaBots is too sweet but you like that line of thinking, we recommend KoalAluminum - announcers hate this one weird team name!

8) Circus Circuits - "Electric Eclectic Energy"  
Going for humor? Nothing is funnier than clowns! And slapstick humor! Who doesn't want to walk around like a crispy clown? Your robot cart could be the circus train and you have lots of acts to name the bot after. Sure, you might be confused for Citrus Circuits and the game announcer will say it wrong every match, but its worth it for the tongue twister.

7) Cosmo Bots - "Spaaaaaaaaaaace"  
Are you Russian? Do you want a name that is both cute and cultural? Consider Cosmo Bots! You'll be like 118's (Robonauts) fraternal twin and they will, by law, be required to pick you in alliance selection.

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6) Team Redundancy Team - "Always doing it right every time!"  
Do you want to confuse freshmen? Sure you do! Team Redundancy Team is not only hilarious but will also teach your younger members a new word. If you follow true to your theme, your robot may struggle to make the weight limit, what with the second drive train and three elevators. We suggest pairing this name with two team signs in your pit.

5) Mitochondriabots - "We would love to power this alliance"  
Is your team going to be great? The best? Every year? Maybe even becoming a... powerhouse? Then we suggest Mitochondria-bots. Everyone knows that mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell and you are the powerhouse of the event. You can take your branding in a lab-direction, power-direction, or even just a green/biology direction. The options are unlimited with this one.

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4) Columbots - "Colonizing every field we touch" -or- "Having an Electric Time"  
For the team who is even BETTER than the Mitochondriabots - we like the Columnbots. If you're not bothered by being a little bit controversial your team can go the pilgrim route - claiming everything you touch and burning everything that's not yours. Sure someone was already here but you're here now too and its your turf because you said so. Alternatively, you could make your local Electrical Engineer/Electrician giddy by referring to the Coulomb - the unit of measurement for amperage over time.

3) Team Amoeba -  "One Cell, One Team"  

The chairman's paper writes its-self on this team. "One Cell, One Team" is a powerful rally and how could you not cave into a good osmosis pun? As you start new teams, you can refer to mitosis and meiosis - educating the judges on biology while wowing them with your pyramid scheme Chairman's spirit! However, if your team is very, very bad - you may be referred to as Brain Eating Amoeba and that is less great. On the other hand, that's a pretty metal name too.

2) Team TBD - "Figuring it out"  
Robots are iterative, life is iterative... robot team names are iterative. We like how this name pokes to the unknown and acceptance that we aren't sure yet. Its simultaneously goofy and thought provoking and really makes you think - aren't we all just figuring it out?

1) CyberTechnoRobotMascotRoboticsBoticsBots - "Go Mascot!"  
Let's just double down on the cliche and be all of them. Feel free to sub mascot for your school mascot or leave it generic for extra fun. When people ask about your name, you can roll your eyes and tell them, "its ironic..." Your shirts may have small font and the name won't fit on the MC team sheet - but who cares, you're here and making a statement. Its art; if you to ask, you don't get it.


  1. I hate to burst your bubble, but https://www.thebluealliance.com/team/7034


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