MentorBuilt Investigates: WFA Winner Allen Gregory IV

Announced this past weekend at the Houston Championship was the 2019 Woodie Flowers Award winner, Mr. Allen Gregory IV.  Now, this individual may be a surprise name to some, but what actions sit in this character’s past?  MentorBuilt investigates: Allen Gregory.

Editor’s Note: This came as such a shock to us that it took us several days of Facebook-stalking to get as close to the real story as possible.  We don’t know the guy personally but it’s pretty obvious he’s cool as hell.

To the shock of many, this visibly not white, not old mentor was inducted to rounds of applauses and triangles from the entire hall in Houston, the symbol of this team.  Where does his story begin?  Allen Gregory was a student on 647, helping to start 2587 and for four seasons serving as a control systems mentor. His rookie year was 2003, and he became an Americorps VISTA with the Houston Food Bank after his graduation.  In the 2011-2012 season though, he became involved with Team 3847, Spectrum as their lead mentor.  In 2014, he received the Woodie Flowers Finalist Award at the Dallas Regional, to many accolades and marks of congratulations from the community.  His team’s blog series “How I Work”, in conjunction with the many resources he and his team have released over the years made him an obvious choice to many.  We intended to interview a student or set of students on Spectrum to try and find dirt on this seemingly perfect character, most of them were unavailable due to shock of also making Einstein the same day.  #Can’tRelate.  That being said, the one alumni we found told us that “he’s not here, he went to go get the bus.”  Ultimately though, after wading through his Chief Delphi comments we’ve been nothing but pleasantly surprised.

This incredible mentor’s induction into the list of Woodie Flowers Award winners marks a landmark moment in FIRST history; an Alumni has earned the highest honor a mentor can receive.  For many years FIRST has known throughout the programs that mentors are essential to the success of teams, hence our own site, MentorBuilt.  But yesterday, the mentored became the mentors.  We’ve been collectively giving back for years, from queueing to the loudest, most energetic MC, to countless mentors, but with such an incredible example leading the wave, we hope more alumni take up the mantle of mentorship.  To give others the experiences they’ve had and so much more, and to be the positive role model so many teams need.

Standing on the shoulders of giants, MentorBuilt celebrates this mentor, Allen Gregory.


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