MentorBuilt announces the MentorBuilt Cheesecake Emporium

"From U to U"

Are you concerned that you won't be able to cheesecake the hapless inspiring 3 student team at your event in an effort to steam roll your competition? Worried you'll have to raise the floor rather than simply flaunting your wealth? Well, fear not FRC Aristocracy, MentorBuilt has your back in light of this unprecedented attack on power house teams by an HQ unaware of who pays their salaries.

Because COTS parts are exempted from the simply obscene requirement that teams "built it themselves" we are opening the Cheesecake Emporium. Simply upload a photo of your cheesecake and some details about it and MentorBuilt will act as a "supplier" for that part, you may then send the link to your victim partner and they may purchase it using a promo code provided to you for the princely sum of $0.00. They should select the only shipping option of "Deliver to my Pit" at which point our delivery agent (you) will be able to provide it as a prebuilt COTS part.

Don't worry though, our system works by then marking the part as Out of Stock with an expected restocking date of the first Saturday in January for the following year. Additionally, since we have no actual way to produce the part we will cancel any future orders and apologize for the inconvenience: we'll probably blame tariffs, the lunar cycle, Dean's Homework, or some other such nonsense that nobody actually understands anyway. Mercury's in retrograde, we can't be bothered.