MentorBuilt needs you!

Hello loyal fanbase, we've missed all three of you.

Let's say your team is interested in scouting and you're also interested in not having to enter data into a spreadsheet.

Let's say your team thinks paper scouting is old hat and #savethetrees.

You could build a custom website with javascript to solve your problem, you could make or use a variety of apps that exist and may or may not meet your needs and has some learning curve.

Or you could use Google Forms.

"But Google Forms is too limiting!" You say. And we agree. You know what would be nice to have in google forms? It would be nice to have a response format that is a number with +/- buttons to increment or decrement that number. Wouldn't that be nice?

We know there are drop-downs and we know there are short answers, but what a good life it would be if a scout only had to press a button -not type a number- to report how many fuel cell 254 manages to score in auton.

Here is our plea, go to google forms and make a form. Click on the question mark in the bottom right hand corner and "report a problem." You don't need to include a screenshot but in the text input area, please make a request for a numerical input with +/- buttons.

Thank You.

Happy Not Bag Week