MentorBuilt News: Teams says teamwork is key to Chairman's Award

Heartford, Connecticut

A local team who hopes to win chairmans this year celebrates the award as a team effort.

"I mean, if we won, it would really be the whole team's accomplishment," says senior build team member Connor, "we all do the hard work." Other teammates agree, even though they don't write the essay, help with editing, or volunteer to present.

Connor lists all the events they attend, the workshops they host, and how the team has instilled a sense of civic duty in their teammates to think beyond "just the robot." The students all help with events, making sure to attend the minimum number to be on the team - some going above and beyond and attending more. "One of our members even started an FLL teams a few years ago," Connor says, "I don't know if anyone still helps them anymore, though."

"Usually we don't get enough people until the last minute," explains junior Sarah, "at which point a few of the older kids step in so it doesn't fall through." Sarah says that leading the chairmans effort has been her job for the last two years since a previous student graduated. "I wanted to do programming, but if I don't do the paper then no one will."

"I would love to help but being on the electrical sub-team takes 100% of my time on the team," says junior Paul, "I mean, we're not doing much today because we've already wired up the drivetrain, but we're really busy." Others nod in agreement, chairmans is important and others should definitely help with it but they can't because of all the work they do.

"We lost last year because Sarah put it off until a week before it was due and then Michael bombed in the interview," says driver Sean, "but we totally deserve the award. We all know how important it is and really value it."

-MB News