Robots as told by Poorly Drawn Lines

Most teams aren't 148 or 1678 -  we're just trying to keep our heads above water and maybe build a robot. To honor our mundaneness & adequacy, we collected a handful of comics from the internally beloved "Poorly Drawn Lines" webcomic.

To see more from Poorly Drawn Lines, head on over to their website.

 Before the game is announced at Kick Off

Chief Delphi

Asking a freshman to do something for you

The kids who show up and don't do anything

After you yell at them to be useful

A week before your competition and you think back on your decision to make a short robot

The senior at the end of their last season

Pit Scouting

When you have to fix your janky bot between matches

Talking to judges be like

Talking to your alliance partners about strategy

Walking around the pits after alliance selection

After you won an event as the 3rd bot

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